We are in Cincy! We got here around 8:00 pm. All is safe and sound. Total mileage from Cleveland, 359.5.
Everything was cool the whole way here until our very LAST climb. It was up Erie Avenue. It seems Carol popped a rear spoke putting’ some serious leg to it trying to get to sister Janet’s house. Janet had the cabana set up with homemade “congratulations” signs.
I will post pics, updates and blog corrections tomorrow… I know a few blog entries went awry and I need to tweak some code.
Note: The trail between London and Xenia is ruler straight, flat, exposed to the sun and always windy! The only way we made that stretch was by alternately drafting off of each other to beat the wind. It’s not the first time we’ve experienced the same conditions along the same stretch of trail. Practice drafting and take plenty of breaks!

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