5-20 Massilon

What a day! 9pm and we are in our room in Massilon, a loong 46.5 mile ride from Stow.
Had a white knuckle ride down Steels Corners hill. The last time I looked at the speedo it was reading 38 mph!
We met a lot of cool people along the way, gave out a lot of business cards and learned some good stuff about the trail. The completed section thru Akron was wonderful. Trail the whole way. You go behind the ballpark and stay along the canal just on the outskirts of downtown. Coming into Akron from the North, you follow right alongside the highway, up a long but easy 5% grade, then across a bike trail bridge over the highway into downtown. From there you ride past the civic center and you need to bear to the left, down towards the ballpark. Signage is kind of weak in that area.

Leaving Akron heading South, you make use of some amazing floating boardwalks that must be at least 10 feet wide and the one was at least close to a half mile long! I’m not kidding! Pretty much an A in my book. There are some sections where you skirt the projects, but it was really no big deal. I had a bigger issue with all of the goose squat all over the trail. Gross.
( I’m gonna post this much, then add more in an edit. I’m afraid of accidentally deleting something.)
OK, I’m back.
We found both of the mysterious trail campgrounds! The North most camp was kind of, eh, but it a port in a storm. It’s at the Big Bend trailhead. There is good signage on the trail pointing to it, as the trail head parking lot is down a short connector trail across the railroad tracks. Ride up the trail to the bathrooms. Facing the bathrooms, look off to your left and there is a small kiosk. That’s the sign in for the campsite. So you are in essence, camping right next to the toilet, but hey, on the bright side, there is running water!
The second camp site is further South, past Canal Fulton. Cross Pancake road and less than 500 feet on the left is a subtle signpost with a tent and an arrow. Follow that up a short trail and there is another small sig in kiosk and two marked sites. You’re just above and out of sight of the trail, but you can still see and hear trail user through the trees. The downside is that the toilets are back at the parking lot. I forgot to check for water, but will do so on the return trip.
It’s 10 o clock. We are washing clothes, waiting on a pizza and Carol went to get beer.
Below is some of the better signage in Akron. I still working on pictures. The iPad isn’t quite a laptop :-)


Heres a photo of the Pancake campsite trail sign. Carol is riding up the campsite trail to the two sites.


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